Office 365 Inventory control

Would you like to always know the material delivered to employees? In Office 365 automate the inventory control.

Here we come with one more entry of a series of posts about INNOVAmee’s Employee Portal for Office 365 – INNOVAmee

In previous posts we have also dealt with other automation that may interest you, such as automating the vacation request, managing vouchers, modifying employee data or automating registrations and cancellations in Office365.

Today we present an automatic flow focused on controlling the company’s inventory. The aim is to have the most up-to-date record of the equipment and material delivered to each employee. We think that is a good way to do so with a form that automatically incorporates the material delivered in a table, list or database.

We will agree that the easier and simpler something is, the more people will do it; less friction, greater participation. With a form that standardizes the information to be collected and automatically saves it, we gain order and control. Let’s see how it works.

The idea is to have a link to a form in a shared area of ​​the Sharepoint or intranet to record deliveries of material. This is filled in when resources, belongings, equipment or objects necessary for the management and organization of the work are delivered. In the same way, they proceed with their return.

With this simple step we ensure informed material deliveries and avoid further confusion. Also, when there is an unsubscribe of an employees in the company, their equipment and materials must be returned and audited.

In addition, through this flow of inventory control, we will have the deliveries and returns managed, as well as the available stock of the company.

We continue to bet on the digital transformation of companies in our environment. We want to be your travel companion in the continuous improvement and digitization of SMEs and micro-businesses in Barcelona. With the automation of flows of the Office 365 Employee Portal we are together moving towards progress. Think about how the flow of Office 365 Inventory Control can streamline your business processes. We are innovating.

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