Office 365 Employee modification

Introducing the Employee data Modification for Office 365.

We continue with the series of posts about The Employee Portal for Office 365

In previous posts we have also dealt with other automatisms that may interest you, such as Automating the vacation request and Managing vouchers

The processes and automated business flows within the Office365 environment that we present are aimed at microenterprises and SMEs. As you are already guessing, it is about automating routine management processes that erode the competitiveness of your business once done manually.

The truth is that there are very complete programs that carry out these and many other operations and automatisms. Also, depending on the size, some companies cannot afford specific programs for each area. Moreover, having many different and complex programs can both exceed the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and complicate the training and development of some employees.

Adding flows and automating processes within an already familiar environment such as the Microsoft suite can help you with the daily tasks. Specially for those who lack added value and are tedious for your employees. This will improve your productivity.

Modifying employee data in Office365

Let’s see how the Employee Data Modification works. Surely you have found yourself with the pain of looking for some outdated data of a member of the company. You would like to have all the data well organized but you can’t quite get it. Why does this happen?

The cause is usually the absence of a clear way of communication and data modification in this regard. When there is a one-time protocol, people forget and communicate things in the fastest way for them. These communications are usually informal with a Whatsapp, a relaxed conversation or, at most, an e-mail. Sometimes, the person who receives the information is not very clear what to do with it, or is not the right person. Imagine a talk like “Yes, I bought a flat.” Pay close attention, because this might be his way of saying that he has changed his address.

Now imagine that in the employee’s personal folder, within the company’s Sharepoint, there is a Communication and modification form for the employees’ personal data. Is not it more likely that this way the employee updates his change of address, bank account or telephone number?

Instead of sending an email or phone call, a form is filled in to change personal data when needed. Any modification that occurs in an employee’s file can be registered at the time. So there is neither the possibility of interrupting or losing information from the employee’s communication to its registration in our database, nor is time wasted on e-mails and manual tasks.

HR will only approve the changes with one click. Do you like to save time? If you want to propose some process automation, let us know.

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