Solutions to digitize your company

In this article, we are going to explain different solutions to digitize companies that can be applied to progress. These solutions that we will expose are framed in the aid granted by the Acelera Pyme program through the Digital Kit initiative and that we discussed in a previous article Digital Kit, measures to transform and digitize your SME.

 First of all, before undertaking this type of revolution, within the organization, it must be taken into account that the first thing that must change is the mentality of the entire organization, that is, managers and employees. Digital Transformation is one of the fundamental pieces to promote the culture of innovation and the basis for organizations to prosper. However, if people do not buy into these changes, these types of projects will be doomed to failure.

 For all these reasons, before starting digitization, it would be convenient for a specialized company to carry out a consultancy of the organization, to detect the processes and/or areas for improvement. In the event that this cannot be carried out, due to lack of budget or time, it is essential to carry out a realistic self-analysis on the company’s points of improvement.

 From this review, we can group digitization solutions into 10 areas:

Website and internet presence

This is an essential first solution to be able to have a presence in the digital world and make your products or services known. It is important that your website reflects the identity of your brand and highlights those aspects that make you different.

 In addition, to have an attractive design, it is necessary that people can find you easily, for this, good SEO positioning is key, as well as that the web be a responsive web (it can be viewed on all types of devices), have good performance when loading and have plugins.

 If you want to know more about this solution, you have more information in the following link.

Electronic Commerce

If you have a physical store and want to make the leap to selling all over the world, in addition to publicizing your brand through your website, it must offer the possibility of buying and selling your products and/or services through payment. with digital media. This is the creation of an e-commerce.

 As pointed out by EAE Business School, in its article “tipsforcreating a successful e-commerce“, several factors must be taken into account:

  • Added value: You have to identify the differential value of your business, just as you do with a physical business. It seeks to stand out, be unique and inimitable.
  • Customer Centric: Make life easier for the user. They are the priority, so navigation and purchase have to be simple.
  • Collaborate: surround yourself with software and platform partners that you trust and that can provide you with the best service and the greatest complicity in the long term.
  • Check-point: You have to set goals in phases and gradually adapt e-commerce, promoting those aspects that work and discarding those that don’t.
  • Keep Calm: An e-commerce is not going to be Amazon. You have to be clear that everything takes a process and this is not usually short.
  • Adaptability: You have to understand that your business, if until now it was physical, will now be multi-channel. Now you have more factors that influence your business and also more opportunities.
  • Multi-devices: Purchases by app or smartphones are the basis of online purchases. Your channel must be adapted to this technology.

If you want to know how INNOVAmee could support you as a partner in this aspect, click on the link.

Social Media Management

Many companies think that the management of social networks is something simple, but for this management to be effective and bear fruit, there must be a prior analysis behind it, a definition of the strategy that we want to follow, planning of the publications, knowledge of our buyer person, as well as the monitoring of the results and the adaptation of the strategy based on said results.

The first step is to establish the social networks where we want to influence, taking into account your own business. In other words, there are social networks that are more important depending on the sector where you are. For example, a fashion e-commerce has a higher priority in the use of Instagram than in Linkedin. Despite this, today social networks are transversal and it is convenient not to neglect any flank at the same time that we have to know our capacity to cover all of them.

Therefore, it is important to know where our audience is. For this reason, despite there being some indications that make you suppose that one network will be more important to you, others should not be ruled out. Many times trial and error is the best way to discover what works and it will also help you learn.

However, if you are looking for a partner to accompany you in the discovery of social networks, in INNOVAmee you can find an ally. In the following document we explain how we can help you.

Customer Management

A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is a tool that allows you to manage customers, both old and new, as well as the leads you are dealing with.

Many companies consider implementing this tool once they have reached a certain volume or because they are no longer capable of adequately managing their clients. However, it is a very useful tool for standardizing processes within new companies as it allows forecasts to be generated and thus a roadmap to be created.

Among the main functions that we can highlight from a CRM:

  • Client management: through the software, you will be able to consult the client’s information, purchases and possible projects.
  • Lead Management: you will be able to carry out commercial management so that they become clients by following up on opportunities.
  • Opportunity management: thanks to the sending of offers, budgets you will be able to advance in the necessary steps to complete a sale.
  • Management of commercial tasks: the tool allows you to organize and associate actions to be carried out such as calls, emails, sending budgets, etc.
  • Reporting, planning and commercial monitoring: you will have KPIs to assess the actions carried out and improve them. Know the status of projects and opportunities, as well as generate reports.
  • Notifications: allows you to have notices about clients and/or projects.

If you need help to find out which CRM is best suited to your business and you need advice, at INNOVAmee we can accompany you in the configuration and implementation of the CRM that best fits your company.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence systems are those that seek to optimize decision-making based on the evaluation of the company’s internal data. Once we have the grouped data, we will be able to analyze the information and make decision-making faster, more effective and with better results. For this reason, BI tools export data in graphical formats so that they are easily interpretable and accurate reports can be generated.

The analytical business part is responsible for predicting future behavior taking into account past trends and metrics.

At INNOVAmee we have the necessary tools for decision-making to be based on data, clearly and precisely. If you need to know what tools you could use, we leave you the following document for more information.

Virtual office 

 Generating collaborative environments encourages good ideas, makes companies grow, fosters camaraderie and links people with the company. In addition, more and more companies make a working day where they combine the face-to-face office and teleworking. 

 For all these reasons, having tools that facilitate the day-to-day life of your workers is essential. Today there are many tools for managing teams and projects, either through document managers or tools that integrate other functionalities such as Microsoft 365 with Teams, Sharepoint, etc. 

 At INNOVAmee we are specialists in configuring these tools, as well as in improving processes to get the most out of them by creating workflows to automate tasks. If you want to know more about these, click on the following link. 

Process management 

Business process management software allows, as its name suggests, to improve processes and automate them. These softwares affect all areas of the company and allow the automation of repetitive tasks. Among the main functions that can be improved by each area: 

  • Accounting: digitization of collections and payments, generation of reports and balances, as well as assets, etc. 
  • Billing: automation of invoices and generation of delivery notes, as well as generation of budgets. 
  • Projects: monitoring of costs and adjustments with budgets, optimization of assets, etc. 
  • Stock management: improvement of the same through forecasts, updates, etc. 
  • HHRR: payroll management, vacations, leave, etc. 
  • Logistics: management of shipments, routes, etc. 

 If you want a trusted partner to help you implement this tool and can advise and support you in the implementation of the automations, we can help you. In addition, you have more information on how in the following document. 

Electronic bill 

Thanks to this solution you will be able to digitize the flow of issuing invoices to your customers. As pointed out by e-invoice “An electronic invoice is, like a physical invoice, proof of the delivery of goods or the provision of services. The only difference is that this is digital. Therefore, the electronic invoice is a legal alternative to the paper invoice.” 

Having a tool to digitize the issuance of invoices will allow you to improve their treatment, issue an unlimited number of invoices via email, personalize them, etc. 

With all this, in addition, you will reduce human errors, you will reduce the CO2 footprint, by reducing paper and eliminating shipments, you will avoid space to store said invoices, etc. 

 If you need more information about this solution you can continue reading here. 

Secure Communications 

 Every day there are more news about companies that have been hacked or that have suffered cyberattacks. All companies are exposed to such attacks, from the largest to the smallest. Therefore, having good preventive systems will help ensure that communications between your employees do not suffer from intrusions by third parties. 

 At INNOVAmee we have expert security personnel. We can accompany you in your improvement process so that you have a secure network. If you want to know how we would do it, you have more information in the following document. 


As pointed out by Incibe (National Cybersecurity Institute) in their article Can digital trust in companies be measured? And specifically in its dossier entitled: “Indicators on digital trust and cybersecurity in Spain and the European Union” it is concluded that: “Although large companies and organizations are better prepared to manage and address the consequences of digital security risks, data They suggest that this is not the case for SMEs, and in particular micro-enterprises, which may face financial, managerial, skill and knowledge constraints. 

Training and awareness in cybersecurity are key aspects to reduce and strengthen digital trust. The data shows that there is room to increase cybersecurity training by the companies of their staff.” 

 For all these reasons, it is essential to make certain improvements in companies focused on: 

  •  Antimalware: Programs designed to prevent, detect, and remediate malicious software on computing devices. 
  • Antispyware: Security software, specially designed to protect a computer against spyware and other potentially unwanted software. 
  •  Secure mail: improvements aimed at improving the company’s email, especially focused on: 
  • Antispam: software solution that allows users to prevent spam (junk mail). 
  • Antiphishing: mail-centric solution to prevent malware from stealing credentials. 
  •  Cybersecurity training: people in their daily actions are the first firewalls to prevent attacks from occurring in companies. For this reason, it is essential that they have good training and awareness to detect and prevent these attacks. 

At INNOVAmee we have specialists in cybersecurity training and we have the tools to protect your company and make it more secure. You have more info here. 

INNOVAmee, your trusted partner 

At INNOVAmee we are very aware of the improvement and evolution of SMEs. For this reason, we have registered as a digitizing agent in order to help the greatest number of companies in their digitization process.  

We have been advising and providing IT support to companies of all sizes and nature for more than 12 years and we want to be the trusted partner you can turn to. At this crucial moment for companies, where digital transformation is an essential element to survive, you have to look for a professional and close accompaniment that can advise you. Here we are to offer you solutions to digitize your company.

 If you want to know more about specific success stories, specific information about any of the solutions or have questions about the aid, do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment. 

 The INNOVAmee Barcelona Digital Transformation team. 

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