Office 365 Receipt Management

We introduce Receipt Management for Office 365.

In the previous post we already explained where the Employee Portal for Office 365 came from.

We explained that it is a new way of managing information in human resources departments that work with Office 365. Its use allows optimizing processes and flows, transmitting a modern and efficient image in any company.

We had also advanced in another post its first module: Automate the vacation request

With these two publications we are already seeing that the Employee Portal for Office 365 constitutes a very useful and advantageous tool, not only for the company itself but also for workers. Let’s highlight some:

  • Automation of administrative management: The HR department frees itself from a large part of the administrative procedures.
  • Improves internal communication: sending messages or direct notifications to employees, the company has its own and internal communication channel that helps to improve productivity and company decisions.
  • Optimize processes and improve productivity: task management, assignment of functions.
  • Increases work motivation: That the employees themselves have access to their information or can carry out procedures themselves, is a delegation of tasks that provide confidence and motivation to the worker.

Thus, the Employee Portal will serve to facilitate and optimize the work of all staff. The company and employees exchange information and documentation online, securely and reliably.

Office365 Receipt Management

Let’s see how the Management of Receipts works in Office 365. Can you imagine managing requests and requests for absences in one click? Well, it is possible and we make it very easy for you.

We have created a customizable form for each company, through which employees can send proof of their absences.

In this form we must fill in the reason, who requests it, date of request and attach the image of the proof of absence that we provide. We can scan it or simply take a photo with the mobile to add it.

All the supporting documents sent will be automatically stored in a common folder. You can also choose if we want to be notified each time a form is sent. In this way, we streamline a common process pending automation in small companies.

Imagine something as simpleas this how much time can make you save.

Receipt management form

Receipt management form for Office365 from the Employee Portal

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