Why hire computer assistance?

We present the keys to why hire a computer maintenance and why it is the economic solution for computer problems in companies. Or should we call it computer peace of mind?

Do you remember that day your computer crashed and you lost everything you were working on? Or when you said: “I will fix this” … and you screwed it up. And that one when in the company you decided to change a software and you lost templates, old files and infinite time?

With these experiences it is normal that you feel some panic when deleting files and fiddling with settings. Everyone talking about digital transformation and you continue with totally obsolete programs to avoid changing anything. Here the answer 😉

Computer assistance

If you call your trusted IT specialist only when you have a problem, that’s the problem. It is not about inviting to dinner, but monitoring the status of the machines, configurations, programs and needs of the business.

Computer problems arise at the worst time. Trying to fix them yourself only makes things worse. When only a skilled IT technician can fix it, sometimes it is too late to retrieve all the information. Plus, precious time has been lost and technical service may not be immediately available.

Finally, If you pay peanuts you get monkeys; because to top it off, in these so painful situations computer repairs take hours.

Keys to good a computer maintenance service


Based on a good preventive IT maintenance plan. Computer systems are monitored for optimal performance. Wear, obsolescence and future problems are detected. They are solved before they cause problems. And so computer emergencies are drastically reduced. In this way, professional activities suffer the fewest interruptions, reducing the cost of hours not worked.


Good IT maintenance should include an IT and systems consultancy taking into account the business and its flows. Having the appropriate equipment and programs for business activity increases internal performance. A good example is our success with Office 365 migrations.

Having a team of computer experts who apply the best solution for each case is a competitive advantage.


Losing an e-mail from a new customer with a migration, hours recovering a file for not having a backup, or any other headache that you have gone through, is not profitable for your business. Neither the bills for patches and putting out fires.

In addition, it is a big productivity mistake to dedicate an employee to IT tasks; Both because he is not qualified as a professional computer technician, and because he is not producing his work, for which it is a profitable resource.

Sometimes there is a false impression that with computer maintenance you pay without having any computer problem, when in reality what you get is not having it. Small incidents are being resolved and everything goes smoothly.

For this reason, companies that hire computer maintenance no longer go back.


Small doubts are resolved at the moment. This way, you don’t use wrong solutions from any non-applicable internet manual, nor do you allow problems to develop into greater damages.

When there is a computer incident, it is detected in time, it is resolved immediately and with prior knowledge of the equipment and the way the company operates.


In the world of image and marketing, can we allow our website to be obsolete and some browsers cannot open it? Not having the appropriate security certificates? Not being able to open a file because our programs are years ago? Make a presentation to a client and something goes wrong?


The best solution is not always the most expensive. At INNOVAmee , our differential value is the relationship that we build with our clients: we are trusted IT specialists. We suggest the appropriate solution according to the needs of each client. We never sell anything that our customers don’t really need.

In addition, this unique and different relationship allows us to comment on small doubts that induce improvements.


Best for last. A valuable intangible: peace of mind. Live peacefully knowing that your information is secure, that your systems are stable, that your company works and employees work at ease.

Our experience tells us that things work out better this way.

If you want to know more or think that your company needs a computer audit, click INNOVAmee

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