Success in Office 365 migrations

We anticipated it in a previous article: there is an avalanche in the business world of Office 365 migrations. Why? Let us explain you our experience.

Most of our clients just start by asking for an e-mail migration. It is when we start explaining the advantages to move it all to the Microsoft platform that we see real enthusiasm. ¡Let’s see it!

Office 365 migrations usually consist of grouping all the software services that an organization may need on the same platform. This way, all online resources can be accessed and synchronized from any device and browser.

Having everything under the same umbrella has infinite advantages at a productive level.

Users can be configured in groups with different permissions to access different parts of the same intranet (Sharepoint). Thus, with the same data structure (files and folders), each user or group of users has read and edit capabilities according to preassigned roles. In other words, a group of employees only sees a part of the files of all those available to the company.

Furthermore, by operating in this way, two users can be working on the same document at the same time. This is very useful since there are usually files that are widely used by several users across an organization; either to edit different parts of it or so the latest version is visible in real time. And all this with an automatic version files history.

We must remember the ease of communication and file sharing having all the programs linked in this way: compatibility is maximum, simple and agile.

Also noteworthy is the scalability allowed for growth in users, storage needs, or services through Dynamics 365 modules for example.

We leave the latter for another post, but imagine having a contact entered in an email program and being able to use it as a customer in a sales module and include it also in the finance module. Imagine that we can also have real-time statistics of all the interactions of the same customer in the different areas of our company. Sounds good, right?

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