Office 365 Employee Portal

What is the Office 365 Employee Portal?

Here we present the Employee Portal for Office365 and why it was created. We have been working on the improvement of company processes, digital transformation and, especially now, focused on teleworking. We review the needs of SMEs and their internal flows to propose IT solutions to their problems. Within a business analysis from the computer point of view, we propose a Digital Transformation project step by step.


With this experience, we have developed a set of flows to automate HR tasks, especially. Why look at this area of ​​companies? In fact, we have not chosen it, but rather it arises from listening to our clients, with whom we maintain a relationship of trust beyond the computer maintenance services for companies that we perform.


In the SME ecosystem there is a wide variaty of needs and proposals. There are many computer programs that cover different areas of the company. What we find is that these types of companies sometimes do not have an exclusive HR department, and many of the functions end up being assumed by another internal position.


At the same time, many of the activities and tasks corresponding to human resources in small and medium companies have clear patterns of repetition.


We take advantage of the fact that, without a doubt, this is being the year of Office 365, as we anticipated in this article on Migrations to Office365. We have carried out a series of human resources process automations based on the flows that Office365 allows. With this we have made a package of solutions importable to any company, which we have called The Employee Portal for Office 365.


These days we will explain what each automated flow consists of, how it works and of which, we already advance the first of them in this post of Automate the vacation request.


To learn more, stay tuned, and if you think your company needs a digital transformation project, then click atINNOVAmee

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