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In this article we propose a computer solution for companies based on Microsoft Office 365 to automate the vacation request. We will also discuss the benefits of establishing an automatic vacation request flow with an employee form.


One of the tasks that make the area of ​​human resorces more lazy (and less productive) is the management of vacations; approval of days off, management of holiday overlaps of different employees from the same area of ​​the company, sending and receiving correspondence that fills the mailbox, to finally make tables to check and count days off and holidays per employee.


Can you imagine being able to automate the vacation request process? Wouldn’t it be great to have a form to request vacations and days off at any time? Would you like with just one click to send an e-mail to approve the vacation request? And even better, wouldn’t it be great that the requested vacation days automatically create a table with all employees and days? What if it can be viewed or exported to Excel?


Start thinking about the time you will have after implementing this automation to request days off.


Flow to automate vacation request


At INNOVAmee we have created the following flow for requesting holidays as an informatic solution for businesses that have already performed an Office 365 migration. How does it work?


A vacation request form is created and can be posted on the intranet or sharepoint. The vacation request form has the fields we want the employee to fill in. Once completed, the worker sends it only by clicking the finish button. With this, the one in charge of HR receives an e-mail requesting a vacation. This e-mail allows you to approve or deny the request for the requested days with a click.

Two actions are generated: First, the worker receives an automatic confirmation e-mail, or a denial of the requested days. In case of approval of the request, the information on the form is automatically added to a list in the Sharepoint itself.


The list created on the intranet allows to automatically collect all the approved vacation days of the workers of a company and to be able to filter them as wished. For example, looking in a given month at how many people in a company department take vacations.


In addition, each employee can individually consult the days off that they have requested.


Holiday flow by INNOVAmee Barcelona IT trusted team for companies

Diagram of the automated vacation flow by INNOVAmee


What else could you want? Oh yeah… These lists are exportable in other formats to be incorporated in programs such as Excel. See how good a view of a vacation list on SAPmee Sharepoint looks like.


Automated vacation list INNOVAmee trusted IT experts company in Barcelona

Automated holiday list INNOVAmee business IT computer company Barcelona


Do you want to automate the request of vacations and days off in your company? Contact you Barcelona trusted computer support INNOVAmee

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