Advantages of an incident manager

In this post we will learn what a ticketing tool is and why more companies should have one, in short, the advantages of an incident manager.

What is an incident management program?

An incident manager is a software or program that allows you to manage the relationship with the client by creating incidents, tickets or queries.

For us they are programs that are useful beyond taking care of the resolution of computer problems and can make us increase the productivity of the company.

The typical operation of an incident manager is that the customer can open a ticket when they have a problem. This is received by the program that, automatically or manually, assigns it to a person to be in charge of solving it.

Why install an incident manager?

At INNOVAmee we have been implementing ticketing programs for some time, and as we said before, thinking creatively there is more than meets the eye.

We have been using one internally for multiple and diverse casuistries for long. Personally speaking, it is a very clean way to be able to develop our activity, assign tasks in a concise way, to be able to carry out adequate follow-ups and internal reports. All this makes us more reliable and efficient.

Finally, we decided to open it to our customers with computer support and maintenance,configuring it with affection and hoping to maintain the close and trustworthy treatment that characterizes us. Now we explain the positive points that we consider for our clients.

The best advantages of an incident manager

The implementation of an incident manager, carried out properly and with a degree of personalization, will allow us to maintain our identity and, at the same time, improve our service. We really like to offer:

  • Multichannel: be more accessible through different points of contact; an email, a specific web portal or a button on our website, makes us increase our availability.
  • Instant tracking: the client can know at all times and in real time where the resolution of a query is.
  • Traceability: the client can consult the status and history of the query and, above all, nothing is lost or left halfway.
  • Productivity: order, clarity and a good definition of automatic logics make us more agile in the resolution of any type of incident.
  • Priority: a good configuration of the incident manager allows us to identify the most critical emergencies and tasks.
  • Commitment to quality: through the generation of reports we identify incidents with longer resolution times, study them and improve future response times.

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Finally, you can see the help button to open tickets that we added to our website of Digital Transformation in Barcelona INNOVAmee.

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