Welcome INNOVAmee

We anticipate a new of this year with great enthusiasm; welcome INNOVAmee

The TGT team is always evolving and thinking of new ideas, proposals and activities. This leads us to always be available for the latest trends and improve the service we provide to our customers. We strive to help our fellow travelers: you. We strive to help our fellow travelers: you.

In this dynamic of continuous improvement we have been growing as a team with better proposals and expanding our activity. Those of you who follow us already know that we carry out Digital Transformation projects, Migrations to Office365 or creation of websites and APPs.

To give consistency to this strategy as a brand, we also renew ourselves.

What is INNOVAmee?

INNOVAmee is the digital transformation company that shelters the services we offer and the brand must facilitate communicating this effectively.

Digital transformation services by Innovamee

Digital transformation services provided by Innovamee

The previous acronym referred to a part of the multiple activities that we carry out today. We have grown, we do more and we want to explain it.

Focused on digital transformation and business improvement projects, we constantly innovate for companies. INNOVAmee provides innovation management with expert determination: “Innovation management, expertise & execution”.

About us

We have been concerned about growing up with people who share our way of doing and who make us better. Our core values ​​remain trust, excellence and proximity.

We maintain the reputation and experience acquired. We are more, we are a better team and we do so while maintaining our essence as an organization.

How does it affect you?

First of all, we hope to be able to give visibility to all the services we offer so that you can see how we can help you better.

With regard to current services there is no alteration. You will shortly receive a more formal communication of the change via e-mail.

From there and in a few days, TGT will redirect everything to Innovamee and it will continue to work as before. You will notice that emails will already be answered from the innovamee.com domain, as well as the services associated with apps.

Have you already visited our new website INNOVAmee

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