Time tracking – from 1€!

Here we give you the keys for complying with the new work time tracking obligation over the workers’ day.

  • The rule: With the publication of RD- Ley 8/2019 from May 12th all companies must keep a record over the employees’ working hours.
  • What it says: Basically you have to keep track of the amount of time that workers spend in your company (entries and exits). This document must be available to workers, company, legal representatives and labour inspection for 4 years. Yes, it has to be saved.
  • Solutions: If you are nostalgic about phone booths you can use paper and pen, but it has its risks. On the market there are countless options with multiple advantages that we have summarized here:
    • Basic: Comply without complication. Apps to make the check-in with the smartphone. They are usually complemented by web sign in, being able to use a Tablet/computer in the office, cloud storage of 4 years, monthly reports and gps track option for employees en route.
    • Middle: Carpe Diem. If you want to complement or improve some internal processes of your company, this is your thing! More comprehensive programs developed by software companies that have added time tracking to their offer; either as a service included in one of your programs or as a standalone module. Because of this, the range of possibilities can be very interesting with options that almost always include integration with HR modules, Accounting or allow you to set returns by projects.
    • We should also mention clockings terminals companies (e.g. by Fingerprint), which have developed solutions that include an app or web that complement their devices economically to have a cloud registry.
    • Custom: For the larger ones. We have developed tailor-made projects for large companies. We all know the stress to which any system, device or terminal under intensive use is subjected to and the need to adapt to an established internal processes functioning. In these circumstances we can only recommend the highest standards with the best qualities.

Did you find it interesting? Do you have any questions? Contact us and we’ll help you.

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