Grants for Digital Transformation

A few days ago, a deadline for new Grants for Digital Transformation projects was opened. The time frame is very short, so let’s get to the point.

In this post we will make a brief description of what is digital transformation or digitalization. We will also review why you should be interested in it. And in the last section we will explain these last grants. All very fast. All very fast.

What is digital transformation or digitalization?

Let’s go over the first subject: digital transformation is the implementation of electronic and computer technologies in all areas of the company, automating or optimizing efficiency in all its processes, both internal and in the relationship with suppliers and customers.

Therefore, digital transformation affects each area of the company and updates the traditional behaviors by new, more agile methodologies based on the technologies discussed.

Some of the key technologies to carry out this digitization are:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) programs, such as SAP, which are programs with a set of integrated applications to manage the different sections of the company (accounting, incorporations and cancellations…).
  • Software and suites such as Office365, which integrate office applications with mail and cloud storage not necessarily linked to the company, but surely necessary.
  • Software that integrate technologies to facilitate corporate development with Cloud computing, with providers such as Microsoft’s Azure or Amazon’s AWS. Essential for companies that are dedicated to computer development.

In a world where digitalization is increasing exponentially, companies that have not overcome the era of paper and do not update their entire infrastructure to digital format and are able to exploit the data obtained, are destined to be grazing for their competition. And this applies from the smallest of SMEs to the largest multinational. This process of digital transformation or digitalization is on everyone’s lips in the business world, but now that you know a little bit what digital transformation is, why should you mind?

Why is digital transformation important?

If you own or work in a company, you will know that everything runs through processes. The optimization of the economic and temporal resources of these processes is a sure key factor in the success of the company. Digitization goes beyond eliminating paper, it also tries to turn processes into data. This quantification allows corporations to analyze the data. That is, to know what they are doing well and what can be improved. Thus, they can really put the customer as a center in the evaluation of the quality of these processes. All this has a positive impact on the company’s commercial performance.

New grants for digital transformation

As the journal El País reported in this article, the government plans to deploy specific aid packages for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Within the framework of the European Next Generation funds, new help has been published that directly target SMEs. These new grants for digital transformation are aimed at SMEs and have both direct subsidies and access to loans at 0% interest rate.

The requirements to participate and the justification are very similar to those explained in this previous post about the Industry 4.0. In this case, it is not necessary to go hand-in-hand with an approved Advisor by Acció, as we have in INNOVAmee. It is always a guarantee of quality, though.

So, if you missed the previous aids, we encourage you not to miss these opportunities to move your company forward.

Your business can do better with digital tools. INNOVAmee, Digital Transformation Barcelona.

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