What is a workflow and how to use it?

A workflow: is easy to deduce from the literal word. However, in the work environment it goes beyond that. A Workflow is the use of an IT tool (software), that when implemented in the company allows us to automate business processes in which: documents, information and tasks pass from one employee to another taking into account a hierarchy; allowing us to follow a process and meet a specific objective. 

 At the IT level we have different tools that allow us to see the tasks systematized individually and in groups, allowing the tasks to be executed and performed by the employees in charge.

Previously, in our blog at www.innovamee.com we talked about how a workflow can help your company (read the article here) and we would like to briefly remind you of them. 


The team will have common and own spaces. 

Company culture is created and the whole team is kept informed. 

Easy way to find what you are looking for. 

Transform/automate business processes providing agility and efficiency in the company. 

Now you may be wondering what steps should a workflow or workflow in a company have in order to be successful? Below, we explain in detail:

Workflow: step by step

  1. The objectives must be defined; they must be precise and concrete. This is the most important step because depending on the objectives you will be able to guide the team to achieve the goal. 
  2. Make an outline of the steps to be followed. Having a visual support will allow to see the general outline of the workflow and to see its dimensions. 
  3. Time to work! With the previous two steps in mind, start executing the plan. 
  4. And finally, to know that it is working, we must perform a data analysis. This will allow us to measure the results and evaluate the whole process. 

Do you still have doubts? We invite you to watch this video. Here, you will wacht  how easy it is to implement a workflow in your company: 

Finally, we want to remind you that there are different IT tools to automate processes. We have created strategic alliances to provide you with the IT solution that adapts to the needs of your company. If you want to implement it or require advice, just contact us! and do not forget to connect to our social networkswe are constantly providing valuable information from the IT world. 

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