What is sharepoint and how can it help your business?

In this article, we are going to explain what sharepoint is and how it can help your business. Why is it interesting for your company to have a sharepoint? Keep reading and we will explain the benefits it will bring to your company. 

As its name suggests, sharepoint is a place / point to share (documents). Likewise, it also serves to manage content, encourage work with your colleagues and have a common repository where you can have all the information quickly and efficiently.  

Do you like to share? 

Every time we are evolving towards a culture where we share everything: we share our way of traveling (carsharing), our family moments (instagram), our thoughts (twitter), our successes (linkedin), even our space when we travel (couchsurfing)! 


For all this, how can you not share your work with your colleagues? As Atlassian points out in his article “How to create a collaborative culture” “In our complex business world that is constantly changing, if you fail to harness the full potential of your team through collaboration, your organization will be left behind.” 


In an interview with Adam Pisoni in Forbes and echoed by APD (Association for the Advancement of Management), the co-founder of Yammer raised a series of tips to transform the culture of your company. Among them, he highlighted:  

7 aspects to transform the culture of your company 

  1. Share: In the past, they were wary of sharing certain information. Today, everything changes very quickly and becomes outdated in a short period of time. Therefore, it is essential to share knowledge so that it is useful for the greatest number of people and can be used to its full potential. 
  2.  Commitment of all: All members of the organization and collaborators have to be involved in it and have a mission. This will promote the competitiveness of the company and create an engagement that will make the organization stronger.
  3. Believe in yourself and find the needs: make sure your collaborators and members of your team can contribute opinions and show their needs so that they are part of the change.
  4. Experiment: No need to fear failure. This will make us more risky, we can learn from mistakes and grow.
  5. Unlearn: You do not have to have dogmas and you have to know how to adapt because the world evolves very quickly and what is valid today, tomorrow cannot be.
  6. Lead: You need a person who is the engine of change and who assumes decision-making and risks to evolve.
  7. Create corporate culture: It is essential to know the path we want to follow and do it from the beginning so that everyone is aligned with the company. 

  The use of specific tools to develop this collaboration is essential to achieve this goal. One of the most powerful tools that provides the best results for its integration is the use of Microsoft’s sharepoint. 

The advantages of SharePoint 

  •  Common and own spaces: each team, project or area can have its own space, as well as having common places between different teams. 
  •  Create company culture and keep your team informed: the system allows easy customization of the space to align the company culture with the tool. In this sense, it is designed so that all members feel part of the organization thanks to the use of the intranet. Workers will be able to know first-hand the news, events, etc. All this, both with members of the company itself and with external collaborators. 
  •  Quickly find what you are looking for: The tool has a search button to facilitate obtaining the necessary information / documentation. 
  •  Transform business processes: you can improve a multitude of processes, thanks to notifications and / or approvals. It also allows you to create operational workflows. You can create flows and flows tailored to the specific needs of your company to streamline repetitive tasks. 

 More companies must take care of the way we work and we must take into account our workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment when making decisions. In order to manage all these aspects, it is essential to have a common place to share, improve and learn. 

 If you want to know more about sharepoint and how it can help your company, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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