The future of invoices: digital and just a click away

The traditional paper invoice is being left behind to give way to the electronic invoice, a new concept with which we will have our billing available in the cloud. In this way, we move from paper to a digital concept, adapting to new changes.

Simply put, electronic invoicing is the digitization of the invoices that companies or self-employed workers make to collect the products or services provided. Like traditional invoices, electronic invoices serve to justify certain commercial or financial operations. Therefore, they have the same value, even if they are not physical. What’s more, they do not contain any additional data, since they include the same necessary information that must be in traditional paper invoices.


Did you know that from 2025 it will be essential to have electronic invoicing in Spain?

The sooner you incorporate electronic invoicing into your company, the better it will be, since starting next year, 2025, the use of electronic invoices will be mandatory in Spain. This arose from the “Crea y Crece” law, which intends to implement electronic invoices for all companies and self-employed workers in their commercial relationships starting in 2025.



Thus, in 2025 electronic invoicing will become mandatory in large companies, followed by SMEs and the self-employed in consecutive years. In this way, thanks to this law, all invoices will become electronic and with this, security and other advantages will be gained. Furthermore, thanks to these new invoices, bureaucratic processes will be reduced and
we will gain immediacy.

If a supplier does not issue an electronic invoice when it is mandatory, it could face legal and administrative sanctions, such as fines or suspension of its commercial activities. Therefore, it is very important to switch to electronic invoicing before the start of the new year to comply with the legislation and avoid negative consequences.


Advantages of electronic invoicing

In addition, these new invoices bring us several advantages, among which are:

  • Economic savings: Being in the cloud we will not have to print physical invoices and we will save a large amount of money.
  • Lower probability of fraud: Electronic invoicing brings us a quality certificate along with the digital signature that prevents possible fraud or scams.
  • Saving storage space: No more filing physical invoices, wasting time and taking up space in the office. Thanks to the new type of billing, with a single click we can access these.
  • Quick and agile access: Wherever you are and from any mobile device you can access your company’s billing.



At INNOVAmee, together with our partner Holded, we are experts in electronic invoicing and we help you carry out this process, going from traditional invoices to digital invoices. Furthermore, with Holded (the leading ERP in the SME sector with complete software) you will not only be able to have access to electronic invoicing, but you will also be able to unlock other useful functionalities on a daily basis such as, for example, inventory management, automate your accounting processes, manage projects or centralize all your human resources on a single platform.

Remember that at INNOVAmee we are part of the Holded Solution Partner program, granting an exclusive space to our clients. Don’t hesitate and contact us to implement electronic invoicing in your company.


The INNOVAmee Digital Transformation team.

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