The benefits of electronic signatures for the environment

At #INNOVAmee we are convinced that the companies of tomorrow cannot be managed with the same tools of yesterday. When implementing the right tools, it is important to keep in mind the care of our planet. That’s why, thanks to #Signaturit’s electronic signature (alliance with Signaturit); you will be able to manage the signing of your documents and/or contracts through SAP software and help in the improvement of the environment… keep reading and we will tell you how….


Previously, we have talked in other blog posts (Signaturit SAP Connector – INNOVAmee) that, signing documents digitally brings advantages such as:


Close online sales immediately.

Reduce resources dedicated to contract management and follow-up.

Improve your environmental commitment by eliminating paper.


At this moment, we want to emphasize this last advantage. By signing contracts and/or documentation digitally, you reduce the use of paper; implementing a paperless culture and reducing the impact on the environment.


In numbers, every time the electronic signature of documents and/or contracts is performed, there is a reduction of 3 sheets of paper; generating less garbage, less pollution and saving trees. We also use less chemicals used in printer inks through disposable ink, toner, among others.


Then, apart from seeing the benefits that electronic signatures bring, which are:


  • Automation of sending documents, avoiding tedious tasks and forgetfulness.
  • Security: the system complies with international norms and regulations; generating a probative document with electronic evidence of the process.
  • Efficiency, because of the ease of signing and reduction of associated costs such as: mailing, administrative personnel, time, etc.
  • Using less paper and chemical materials is another benefit to our planet.

Do you want more reasons to implement the electronic signature through INNOVAmee? We invite you to browse the blog. Here you will find more information about our partnership with Signaturit. Likewise, you will see the services and tools we offer to digitize your company.


Finally, remember that in #INNOVAmee we offer advice; so that you meet your goals and achieve the greatest benefit with the implementation of digital solutions such as digital signature for your #smallbusiness.




The INNOVAmee Barcelona Digital Transformation team.

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