New course, new tools: discover Factorial

If a few weeks ago we announced from INNOVAmee an alliance with Factorial, a leading platform in Human Resources management, this time we want to go deeper and explain in more detail what this software consists of. Factorial is a global solution that automates HR processes and improves executive decision making. Within Factorial we find very useful tools for everyday life.

Thanks to Factorial you will no longer have to manually write all the information in Excel sheets, since everything you need is gathered in one place. You will save time and find everything on the same platform, making everything simpler, more flexible and faster.

Below, we explain in detail the most notable functions of Factorial:


Time control for your team

Thanks to the Factorial clocking system, each worker will be able to record their work day from their mobile phone or any other device, in addition to being able to indicate the breaks they take during the day.

If for some reason we forget to clock in on a specific day, we can correct it later in the time control tab, either by the person in charge of Human Resources or by the worker themselves.

As an administrator, in addition to saving approximately 30 hours per month in Human Resources management, you will be able to view employee time management or download reports with a single click.

Thanks to these reports on time control we can also improve the selection of shifts or detect conflicts in the work calendar.


Vacation management

Another of Factorial’s featured tools is vacation management, where workers can manage their own absences within the tool. Workers can request their vacations in a single click and the Human Resources person can approve them instantly thanks to the instant notification. Thanks to this rapid process, we are saving time and becoming more flexible.

Within the absences section, employees will also be able to check how many days off they have left to request, since Factorial has the total count of absences.

A novel option within said free day management is that users will be able to see which other workers their absence coincides with. That is, we will be able to organize ourselves better within the organization and be more flexible.


Management of payroll

Managing the payroll of an entire organization can be a complicated task that requires a lot of hours. Now, thanks to this tool available in Factorial, all your payroll processes are centralized in a single software. In this way, we save time that we can use on other tasks.

In addition, you will be able to access payroll variables automatically, as well as download and share payroll summaries in one click. If for whatever reason you need extra help, you don’t have to worry since Factorial has an advisory service willing to answer your questions.

With this process we will gain security and forget about wasting time in infinite processes.



Manage all your expenses and finances in one place and discover where, when and how it is best to invest both your time and your money. From the reporting area you will be able to see in which area of your company the most money is being spent, thus having a global view of the company’s budget.

Additionally, every time an employee has to pay for something, they can notify it from Factorial on the ‘my expenses’ page where they can attach the receipt next to the indicated fields. This way the information will not be lost and you will be notified immediately.


Recruit talent

Within the Human Resources department they will also appreciate the implementation of Factorial for the selection process management tool. From within Factorial you can create the job offer with its characteristics and automatically publish it on different channels, such as LinkedIn or Indeed.

During the selection process, you will be able to manage offers on different channels, as well as see the complete list of candidates.


Performance evaluation

Measure employee performance thanks to performance evaluation software. Thanks to this tool, we will be able to receive personal feedback from the company’s workers. This evaluation consists of a series of questions, which can be adapted and personalized according to preferences. It also allows the option to perform the performance evaluation anonymously.

This review allows you to include several response formats: text, numerical, selection, classification or multiple selection. Thus, it allows us to ask different types of questions.

From one place you can see the results in real time and create personalized reports based on employee responses.


Employee portal

Finally, another of the many functionalities that Factorial offers is the employee portal, where employees can access all their personal information, payroll, documents and other functionalities, through their profile from any device.

When new workers join the company, also called onboarding, they will find the welcome space on their portal. In this space we can assign new onboarding tasks related to the new employee or establish the duration of the new employee’s welcome.


The INNOVAmee Barcelona Digital Transformation team.

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