How to do the onboarding to the company with Factorial?

Surely in recent years we have heard a lot about onboarding in companies, but really, what is it? Onboarding for companies is the process of incorporating new workers into a company. Through this plan, the company intends to get new employees to adapt to the daily dynamics of the organization. This welcome aims to fully integrate new workers into the company.

However, there are times when this onboarding does not work correctly and a large number of new employees do not end up adapting to their new company and end up leaving. Now, thanks to the functionality of Factorial, one of our partners, this problem will be reduced in your company.

Onboarding with Factorial

Inside Factorial, we will find the welcome space tool. In this space we can assign new onboarding tasks related to the new employee or set the duration of the new employee’s welcome.

The first group, that of incorporation tasks, are tasks to be done during the first days in the company. These tasks have a set date and can be assigned to different people at the same time.

One of the menus of the Factorial application

Image of the Factorial platform


Regarding the duration of the welcome, this option allows us to give full access to the company account from the day we select or by establishing the start date of your contract. It is a good tool, because this way new employees get to know they new company little by little.

Once we have prepared the welcome space for the new worker, we must invite him to use Factorial. You can be easily added via your email address and your welcome space is automatically activated.

Vision of the new employee inside Factorial

Once the new worker has accepted the Factorial invitation and completed their profile within the application, they will be able to see the list of available tasks. Once there, the worker will be able to complete the assigned tasks and progress in the welcome to the company.

New users will also be able to see their personal documents or documentation that they can sign from Factorial.

Find out how to create the welcome space thanks to this video from Factorial colleagues!

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