Improve computer security in the company

We are going to give some tips on how to improve computer security in the company As it is said, the best firewall and antivirus is ourselves. Actually, this is the case if we have a good training in cybersecurity. So let’s start by asking yourself…

Do you feel safe behind the screen?

A few years ago, having a security breach in the company could mean having someone leak information from within. Now, in a digital world, the hole may be in your computer, and you could be the one leaking information. Moreover, without realizing it, you could be doing it right now.

People often assume they’re safe with their devices if they don’t see anything weird. After all, you are usually connected at home or in the office, places where you feel safe and, most likely, you are physically safe. But your privacy and data can be compromised from thousands of miles away. Nowadays, everything has associated data and you should monitor how exposed you are.

When you register your credentials in a web page and put the same password you use to access your computer and your bank’s app, you may unknowingly be giving access to all that data to the administrator of that portal. When you download that ‘form.exe’ that your gas company has sent you, you may be giving access to your screen and your camera to the senders. Taking steps on the internet is like taking them on the moon: you feel light, but they leave a mark that is never erased.

Fortunately, in the same way that there are those who try to steal your data and privacy, there are others who try to prevent them from getting it. At the user level, the following indications should help you to be covered in most situations. In addition, we advise you to disseminate it on your team and company. Lets improve the IT security in our company:

  • If you do not already have it, you should consider a priority installing an antivirus with network protection. This will make it difficult for you to access malicious pages, as well as deal with suspicious files.
  • Use strong passwords and avoid repeating them as much as possible. If one of these passwords is ever breached, the damage will be much less and much easier to fix.
  • As a rule, be wary of any message that asks you for data of any kind. Logically, be more suspicious of those who ask you for bank details than of those who ask for your phone number. Anyway, to be suspicious of your data is a good practice.
  • 4. Finally, don’t download, let alone run, files you don’t know what is inside.

The Internet is a rough sea, in which anyone can wail with letters of marque. Surf carefully.

If you want to know more about cybersecurity and especially in the company environment, we recommend you to take a look at this article we did about the usefulness of double authentication.

Greetings from the Barcelona Digital Transformation INNOVAmee team.

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