Why not use Public WIFI networks on Holidays?

When we connect to a public network, anyone also connected to it can access our device to:

  • Steal Information
  • Impersonate our identity

We recommend not to connect to the public networks of the establishments and if necessary, it is preferable to access a network with WPA or WPA2 security. Open networks and with WEP security are totally insecure.

We must always keep in mind:

  • Disable any synchronization process from our equipment (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.).
  • Always keep the computer updated, with the antivirus installed correctly.
  • Browse secure pages (URLs that begin with HTTPS – encrypted -).
  • Do not log in (user / password) in any service.
  • Avoid bank transactions, online purchases, etc.
  • Do not access documents or emails with user data & passwords.
  • After connection, delete the network data memorized by our team.


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