SEO and SEM, everyone knows it, but … Do you know what it is?

In this article, we are going to explain what SEO and SEM are and how they can help your company improve its positioning. If you continue reading the article, we will explain the advantages that working these two indicators will bring to your company properly. 

Firstly, what each of these acronyms means: 

  •  SEO – Search Engine Optimization This is the set of actions and techniques used to improve positioning (visibility) in search engines. 
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing. In practice, SEM refers mainly to paid ad campaigns on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! 

How can we improve these indicators? 

  • SEO 

 Being well positioned in search engines is key to increasing our sales. As indicated by the newspaper “El País”, in the article dedicated to Eskimoz“Without an SEO strategy that knows well and complies with the set of rules that the search engines themselves dictate, even if a website presents the best graphic design, it has good manageability and is highly attractive, it is likely to go unnoticed by a user who might be interested in its content. “ 

 Given its importance, it is essential to have a medium / long-term strategy and a person responsible for this area. As ExtraDigital (national online publication, a reference for media, communication, marketing and advertising information) indicates, through 5 first steps, we can improve our positioning in the main search engine (Google): 

5 points to improve your SEO 

  1. Index: When we talk about indexing, we mean making sure that our page is “visible” by search engines. Google uses “robots / spiders” that from time to time crawl the web to store and position the information. For this reason, it is essential at first, to verify that we appear when they look for us. We must write the following in the Google search engine: site:, if we appear, everything is Ok. If we do not go out, it may be because the spider has not yet passed through our website (if we have just uploaded it) or we must “facilitate” the appearance in the search engine, including our website in: Google Search Console. 
  2. Include meta tags: Now you may ask yourself, what are meta tags? They are HTML keywords that are included in the header of a URL. They are not visible to a normal visitor, but they make their task easier for search engines. All your websites must have a <title> of 60 characters at most and a <description> of 160 characters maximum. You should try to make the texts as precise, short and include all your keywords (important words). 
  3.  Select your Keywords: you must take into account words that add value and are aimed at your audience or target audience. You have to take into account your strengths and your area of influence. 
  4.  Optimize your website: it is essential that the website works correctly and has a fast load, for this you must improve the size of the images and that they do not weigh too much. For this, it is important that the hosting or web hosting is adequate. 
  5.  Create good content: Provide quality articles and opinions and, as far as possible, original. It is important to focus on your client and give him a good value proposition. 

Now that we know about SEO, we will discuss SEM. 

  •  SEM 

 As we pointed out previously, the SEM strategy is carried out to generate traffic to your website from payment in search engines. This causes more people to visit the website and payment is usually made per click. 

 As pointed out from Rock Content, the main advantages of these actions are: 

  • Speed: you can obtain results in the short and medium term faster than with SEO and readjust your strategy depending on the success. 
  • Segmentation: you can make specific campaigns and bring only the target audience to your website. you can run campaigns to find out the market interest of an initiative / solution quickly. 
  • Visibility: allows you to position your brand / product relatively quickly. 
  • Measurement: You have specific tools to control your SEM work and see its viability and adjust it based on your criteria / objectives. 

Finally, we can point to link building as another strategy to take into account within the SEM. This is based on appearing on websites with authority on the network and that are related to your brand, which will increase the number of visitors to your website. 

 Finally, we can summarize that SEO work is slower than SEM, since its fruits do not begin to be noticed until after about a year. On the contrary, it is more sustainable over time, since the SEM implies an expense. More and more companies compete for the same words and therefore it is difficult to position themselves better. 

 If you need help to improve your positioning, migrate your hosting to optimize your website or you need technological advice in this area to have more visits and increase your sales, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you. 

 The INNOVAmee Marketing and Digital Transformation Barcelona team. 

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