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In this new post, we are going to explain how we can streamline the document signing process in SAP through our new Signaturit SAP plugin. 


At INNOVAmee, we are proactive when collaborating with other companies. In our company philosophy is the belief that together we can go further and better. This is why we have partnered with Signaturit, a leading company in the European market in digital signatures. Through partnership, we make it easier for our clients to improve signature processes. 


Now, we wanted to take this alliance a step further by creating a plugin to facilitate the signing of documents for all those companies that use SAP, one of the most powerful and prestigious software on the ERP market. All this, from the same platform with which they usually work. 


Signaturit SAP Integration 

Thanks to our integration with the most well-known and recognized ERP worldwide, large companies that work with SAP will be able to improve their signature processes, without having to travel, make calls, send emails, or scan documentation. 


They will be able to obtain the acceptance of the contractual conditions, that is, the signing of a contract, in a few simple clicks. 


All those people, both from the organization and from outside, will be able to sign quickly and securely, from any device and without the need to download any application; and the professionals of the organization will be able to carry out the management directly from SAP, without the need for an external tool. 


Advantages of the digital signature 

By digitizing the signature processes and automating them, we manage to improve the processes, speed up the signing of documents, as well as improve the communication that we project from our company. This becomes innovative and socially responsible as it reduces the environmental impact by reducing the paper used and documentation shipments. 


In this sense, we can point out the main advantages of the digital signature: 


  • Better Security: Complying with all international standards and regulations and having a supporting document with the electronic evidence of the process.  
  • Greater efficiency: we reduce signature times and therefore costs (shipping, personnel, paper). 
  • Better Conversion: closing of the online contract, improvement of the customer experience. 


You can find more information about the advantages of the digital signature at the following link on the Signaturit website: What is a digital signature? ( and if you still have doubts about whether the incorporation of the digital signature is profitable, you can calculate How much would you save by incorporating this process in the following link: How to calculate the ROI of the electronic signature | Signaturit. All this, without taking into account integration with SAP, where this ROI is better, since the system is fully integrated into your processes. 


Benefits of Signaturit’s integration with SAP 

Quick and legal closing of all types of contracts and documents, which speed up the processes and operations of the company. 


All the transactions you carry out through SAP will be secure and with legal guarantees. Thanks to Signaturit you can ensure that transactions and the signing of contracts are carried out with the maximum legal guarantees, in the same way as if they were carried out by traditional means. 


Centralize everything on a single platform: Having everything centralized means simplifying contract monitoring and management processes, which helps make teams more efficient. 


In addition, the electronic signature solution allows online, through SAP itself, to know the status of any contract in real time. 


On the other hand, if you have a greater integration need, you can contract the extended version to take advantage of the full potential of this integration and customize it and integrate it natively with your particular needs. 



We have carried out the integration with Signaturit in two different versions. We have the Standard version and the Extended version. 


In both versions, the plugin offers the 3 types of Signaturit electronic signature: 


  • Simple electronic signature: The recipient signs by checking a box. 
  •  Advanced electronic signature with biometrics: The recipient signs the document by tracing his graph. 
  • Advanced electronic signature with digital certificate: The recipient signs with his digital certificate. 


You have more information about the characteristics of each of these signatures in the following link on the electronic signature. 


Standard Version 

The main features of this version are: 


  • Document to be signed: 1 external document only 
  • Parallel or sequential signature flow (all signers can sign or consecutively with a pre-established order). 
  • Up to a maximum of 40 signatories (in the same document). 
  • Email customization (you can adapt the email to the recipient). 
  • Configuration of reminders and expiration period (you have the possibility of configuring every X days the resending of the document and a term to sign) 
  • Follow-up in SAP of the status of the process (sent, signed, cancelled) 
  • Download the signed document and supporting document (you have electronic evidence of the process). 


 Extended Version 

 In addition to all the above features, this version adds: 


  • Document to be signed: external document or PDF document in SAP 
  •  Multi-document sending: up to 15 documents 
  •  Automatic signature of PDFs generated in SAP 


The extended version also includes support, training, consulting and configuration of the tool so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 


Since not all companies are the same, we can do more customization. In the event that you want to adapt it to the specific requirements of your company, we have expert staff with extensive experience that can provide that extra you are looking for. 



Thanks to our integration you can sign and manage your documents from any device and without leaving SAP. Manage all your documents, contracts, etc. From SAP and close signing opportunities, in an agile and safe way. 


If you want to know more about this connector and how it can help your company to improve its signature processes, you want specific information or you have doubts about how it works, do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment. 


In this sense you have more information in our section:  


 The INNOVAmee Barcelona Digital Transformation team. 


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