Let us help you during COVID-19

INNOVAmee ‘s team is made up of wonderful people with a big heart. In these difficult days, an initiative has arisen to try to contribute to our society.

We know that from our niche little can be done to fight the virus directly. That is why we are offering to help those who are forced to be at home. Consequently, we offer these days exclusively, free remote computer support (not face-to-face) for confined persons.

Whether you are not familiar with teleworking, or you want to use technology to be closer to the ones you love, from INNOVAmee you can ask for free help at the following link:




How does it work?

We have launched a booking webpage through a calendar with the technology of Accudo‘s platform (www.accudo.es). This allows you to make the request for help specifying a day and time when you want to be contacted.

When making the reservation you will receive a confirmation email. A technician will call you at the set up time to answer your query.

We will do our best to help you. On the other hand, we ask for understanding if we do not meet your expectations. We are unaware of the impact this initiative may have and we must continue to serve our customers as a priority, to whom we owe ourselves.

For any other question, you can continue to count on us

at https://www.innovamee.com/#contacto

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