Facing Coronavirus, Teleworking: We make it easy

Teleworkingconsists of working remotely. Technology allows us endless possibilities to carry out our work tasks from home, a cafeteria, the beach or any dreamed place.

Why? It is fashionable and a necessity. On the one hand, it is an upward trend that responds to the demands of new generations. Society changes and there is increasing value for reconciling work and family life against other incentives.

On the other hand, with the emergence of the Covid-19 coronavirus, employers want to protect their staff from global contagion for different reasons. Teleworking is an easy and quick solution to avoid staff losses, legal risks and even the condition itself.

What is needed? In fact, very little: a computer, internet connection and shared resources.

Consequently, if your employees have a company laptop and a cell phone with which to create a hotspot (shared internet connection with the computer), you almost have everything. The only thing left is that they can access the information they work with from anywhere. The basics would be a shared hard drive in the cloud (a storage like Googledrive, Onedrive or Dropbox). The best is a Sharepoint-type intranet, where each user is assigned different roles and permissions to access, view and work with the documents he/she needs. All this with linked to all programs such as mail or calendar, allowing an easy and agile workflow.

At INNOVAmeewe have spent two very intense years on a multitude of projects preparing our clients in order to ensure reliability and safety in telecommuting for their employees.

Be the King of teleworking and take the crown off the virus!

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