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Internet security is definitely the subject for 2020 in the tech world. Cybercrime costs more than 400,000 million euros a year. Therefore, the most sensitive industries to this problem, such as banks, are putting their food down on the accelerator on solutions to shield their operations (blockchain, double verification on operations, introduction of biometrics, etc.).

No one is safe from cybercrime. And, even if a company is not critically connected to security issues, an affection by information freeze or hijack, for example, can completely block its activity – Ransomware are viruses that encrypt information on disks with an unknown encryption key . Subsequently, cybercriminals include an economic amount to decipher the information.

To help companies defend from these kind of scams, at INNOVAmee we offer to a Free basic formation and system inspection, and also an 8 hours course for SMEs..

The aim is to know the different types of risks, targets, their consequences and how to avoid them.

If you want to be better prepared for these phishing attacks, ransomware, data filtering and other threats, feel free to ask for our totally “Free cybersecurity course and computer inspection” at

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